IF's and their reflex patterns

It would not be an exaggeration to say that practically all of us have been exposed to at least some kind of trauma in our lifetime. Be it an old surgical scar, a vaccination site, a car accident, or just a bad fall in elementary school, all of these trauma sites can potentially become “time bombs”, affecting our health in hidden and unpredictable ways. With time, the progression of pain and other symptoms, as well as general lack of well-being, often push us towards a search for one cure after another. However, even with the best health programs offered, we might not achieve the progress we expect.

For many of us, this might be due to the profound negative effects of depolarized areas called interference fields. These interference fields (known as IFs) can act as hidden reflex arcs, affecting distant and often seemingly unrelated body areas, continuously disrupting the normal function of any body tissue, often despite any therapy, no matter how well applied. Over time, such depolarized areas can bio-accumulate a broad range of environmental and metabolic toxins, blocking the normal energy flow of the meridian network of the body. The goal, in these cases, should be to identify and eliminate all interference fields as soon as possible.

Bob Marshall PhD, CCN on interference fields


Mud Therapy - a new concept in rejuvenation

As developed by Dr. Marshal, QRA can be used to precisely identify the best combination of nutritional formulas and clinically-tested exogenous detoxification therapies, including pelotherapy (moor mud) and external body packs (such as castor oil packs) to rapidly draw out toxic impurities which block the bioenergetic flow of the meridians. This technique allows the practitioner to expose overlooked chronic interference fields such as scars and other areas of previous trauma such as whiplash, falls, internal surgical pins and dental toxicity, etc.. All of these can reflect to distant, unrelated body sites to create constant, unintended sedation of acupuncture points and meridians causing chronic pain, fatigue, allergies, physiological dysfunction and much more. QRA features a clinically-verified kinesiological testing system to determine each individual's unique interference fields and which reflex sites are the cause of specific symptoms - which most common chiropractic, acupuncture or massage techniques are typically not able to address.

Dr. Marshall:

“In my opinion, the main reason the magnificent body detox therapies of the past using clay and moor mud are so little used today is the lack of therapeutic-grade ingredients (i.e. some clays are even toxic). With the Medi-Body Pack, doctors can finally offer their patients deep-seated, whole body cleansing of the ground substance of the entire body. After using these packs with hundreds of patients, my wake-up call was seeing that the meridian channels and connective tissue are routinely saturated with toxic “bio-garbage” which commonly prevents the full return to health. This embedded toxicity is often little affected by the use of oral supplements.”



Our office "Mud Spa"

At New Paradigm Healing we use QRA to identify and eliminate active IFs, and to find their reflex patterns related to the patient's chief health concerns. When an affected area is cleared, many people experience a new and profound sense of freedom following the release of years-old toxic stagnant residues. The internal pathways that had long been inactive open and begin operating again, often promoting relief of pain and rejuvenation of the entire body.

IF's examples

One classic example of an IF’s hidden reflex pattern might be an old C-section scar energetically sedating thyroid function in a 40 year-old female. As the scar directly intersects the Conception Vessel, it might disrupt the normal energy flow in this meridian, potentially affecting all the organs along the front of the body, including the thyroid. Another example would be a childhood vaccination scar causing chronic lung problems in an otherwise healthy 55-year old male. In this case, the toxic vaccination site could reflex down the arm to the thumb, the path of the lung meridian.


Patient’s experience with mud packing


Mud Packs

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